Berry Bliss - Strawberries like they used to taste

Scotland’s leading independent grower of Strawberries

As Scotland’s leading independent grower of strawberries, we stand at the forefront of the berry farming industry in a region that is renowned for commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. 

Our strawberry growing sites are strategically placed on South facing slopes, all within 3 miles of our packing facility, to benefit from the county’s unique climate and fertile growing conditions. 

We have extensive experience and a deep understanding of the intricate requirements of strawberry cultivation in Scotland and employ cutting-edge agricultural practices, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and environmentally friendly methods to ensure optimal growing conditions. This includes precision irrigation systems, controlled environment tunnels, and advanced pest management strategies. 

We are absolutely dedicated to quality, sustainability, biodiversity and take meticulous care at every stage of the growing process, from selecting premium varieties of strawberries to cultivating them in nutrient-rich environments and providing them with ideal conditions for growth.

Work with us…

Incredible people are the true roots of our farm.

At our roots we are a real family farm, which is also home to an incredibly talented and dedicated team who work in acres and not hours.

We do quite a bit these days...