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Effective and efficient transportation is the final crucial stage of ensuring our produce reaches our customers at its freshest. Our 50 strong fleet of modern and dedicated refrigerated lorries are used to maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels during transit across the U.K. on a daily basis where we cover 7 million kilometres annually.

Through the use of remote monitoring of temperatures, our transport team are dedicated to scheduling that coincides with maintaining peak freshness, such as minimising wait times during the fluctuating temperatures at loading and unloading.

Going the distance…

Fresh, safe and efficient transportation across the whole of the UK

A lot of strategic and detailed planning is at the heart of what we do and in order to provide a sustainable and efficient service we know that collaboration and consolidation is key to this. Not only are we dedicated to getting our own produce to our customers at its peak freshness, we also want to deliver yours as well. We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and efficiency so please get in touch if you think we can help you get your produce to its destination.

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A Journey Fueled by Opportunity and Growth in the Transportation Industry

We aim to recruit and train the best team of drivers in the U.K.!  Our team are experts in smooth driving, careful manoeuvring, efficient route planning, proper handling techniques and following all guidelines on customer premises.  If you want to join a fast growing and ambitious company click below to find out more.

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Looking ahead

Driving forward with sustainable transportation.

It is an essential component of responsible and ethical agriculture that we deliver our produce in the best way to minimise the environmental impact and resource consumption associated with our distribution process.  Here are some strategies and practices we undertake to be more sustainable:

  1. Efficient route planning – use of routes optimised for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. 
  2. Regular renewal of our fleet to ensure that only the most modern fuel efficient vehicles are being driven
  3. Load optimisation – ensure we are running at capacity with multiple lines being transported in a single trip
  4. Shared transportation – collaborating with other local producers to share transportation resources in a more consolidated efficient manner
  5. Cold chain efficiency – implementation of efficient remote temperature controlled systems to minimise energy consumption
  6. Packaging optimisation – lightweight, recyclable and eco-friendly wherever possible to reduce load weight, waste and energy consumption
  7. Real-time monitoring – vehicles equipped to allow us to do this
  8. Continuous improvement – regular analysis of our practices to identify areas for improvement and implement changes based on lessons learned

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