Natures Juicy Gems, Bursting with Tart-Sweet Flavour

Cherised Treasures

Nestled amongst our picturesque growing sites you will also find an oasis dedicated to cultivating one of nature’s most cherished treasures: raspberries. A sea of vibrant green is punctuated by the beautiful red jewels of ripe raspberries, which creates a truly stunning tapestry of colour. Alongside this you will also find a corner dedicated to those dark jewels of nature: blackberries.

tended rows of raspberry canes stretch across the field where they thrive in the fantastic growing conditions that characterises the region. The farm’s location benefits from Scotland’s temperate climate, providing the ideal growing conditions for robust raspberry growth. State-of-the-art irrigation systems, coupled with meticulous attention to soil health and nutrient balance, ensure that each raspberry receives the precise care it needs to reach its full potential. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture is evident, with practices such as natural pest control methods and responsible water usage woven into the fabric of the operation.

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