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Meets Innovation.

Our Story...

Stewarts of Tayside centres around Tofthill Farm, which sits on the south facing banks of the River Tay, 4 miles East of Perth, Scotland. 

We are a true independently owned and managed family business, where Will, Sheena, Liam and Caroline like nothing more than rolling their sleeves up every day to lead their team of talented colleagues head first into the challenge of being recognised as one of the U.K’s pre-eminent fresh producer growers, packers and hauliers.

Whilst the family farm has taken on many guises over a number of generations and decades, our main focus since the 1980’s has been fresh produce, primarily swede, strawberries and raspberries. More recently we have started diversifying into turnips, potatoes, root veg packing and an expanded logistics offering.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do, doing it ourselves and we want to share this with you.

The Decision Makers

An extended family

As a true family owned and managed business, we are all involved in executive roles and you will be engaging directly with one of us, whether as a customer, supplier or member of the extended team.

Will Stewart


Liam Stewart

Managing Director

Sheena Stewart

HR Director

Caroline Stewart

Transport Office Manager

Douglas Baxter

Finance Director

planting seeds

Protecting the future

Ethical, sustainable farming to the end.

Ethical and sustainable farming practices encompass a range of principles and methods aimed at producing food while minimizing negative impacts on the environment. Here are some key practices that fall under the umbrella of ethical and sustainable farming that we look to undertake…

Crop rotation polyculture

maintains soil fertility, reduces pest and disease pressure and prevents soil degradation

Reduced Tillage

minimises soil disturbance to reduce erosion, preserve structure and enhance sequestration

Cover cropping

planting during off-seasons to improve soil health and add organic matter back to the soil


planting and incorporating trees and perennial plants into our agricultural landscape to provide shade, prevent erosion, enhance biodiversity and contribute positively to carbon sequestration

Integrated Pest Management

enhanced biological control and habitat enhancement to manage pests and diseases, which reduces the reliance on chemical pesticides

Water Conservation

implementation of efficient irrigation methods to reduce water wastage

Ethical labour practices

the payment of fair wages, safe working conditions and the promotion of the ethical trading initiative in all of our practices

Food Waste Reduction

post harvest losses minimised through efficient storage, processing and distribution

Work with us…

Incredible people are the true roots of our farm.

At our roots we are a real family farm, which is also home to an incredibly talented and dedicated team who work in acres and not hours

We do quite a bit these days...

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