We believe ourselves to be the largest grower of swede in the UK and supply a number of national retailers, processors and wholesalers 52 weeks of the year with entirely UK home grown swede.

We grow in 6 primary regions and two secondary regions. The primary growing is undertaken entirely by our own people and equipment and covers a wide geographical area, taking in Scotland, England and Wales. This regional spread limits the risk of crop failure and it allows for the crop to develop and keep at different rates. This contributes significantly to our ability to guarantee our customers a 52 week supply of our swede.

The bulk of our crop is grown in Scotland, where we experience cooler ambient temperatures and receive sufficient quantity and consistency of rainfall to grow a consistently high quality crop of swede. Furthermore, the growing conditions in the East of Scotland see decreased pest pressure.

The growing cycle commences with drilling in March – June every year. The land is cultivated, drilled and covered with insect netting. The harvest cycle starts in July with our early crop and goes all the way through to the following April. We have capacity to harvest 1,200 tonnes of swede a day with all swede transported back to our Tofthill site via a combination of HGV’s and our customised fleet of field friendly tri-axle trailers.

swedes are hand trimmed, that's 7 for every Scot, or the population of Canada
reduction in pesticides through investment in environmentally friendly crop cover

locations/sites UK wide

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