Chocolate crust with summer fruit & creme

The ideal summer dessert for those with a berry sweet tooth...


300g Dark chocolate ginger biscuits (if you do not like ginger just use dark chocolate plain biscuits)

100g Dark chocolate

250g Mascarpone cheese

200ml Double cream

1.5 Teaspoons vanilla extract

½ Table spoon castor sugar

250g Raspberries

250g Strawberries

3 Table spoons redcurrent jelly

1 Tablespoon port


1. Line the sides of a 23cm spring form tin with cling film.

2. Biscuit base

3. Filling

a. Food process or hand crush the biscuits until they are finely crumbed

b. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pot of boiling water.

c. Add the crushed biscuits to the melted chocolate.

d. Line the tin with the mixture, gradually pressing along the bottom and up the sides to about 3cm.

e. Once it starts to set and not dropping down, place it in the fridge and it will set quickly.

a. Mix the soft cheese, double cream, vanilla extract and caster sugar

b. Beat gently until the mixture is smooth but take care not to over beat it

c. Spread the filling in the set case

4. Finishing Touches

a. Arrange the fruit on top

b. Heat the red currant jelly and add the port. It sometimes has small lumps but keep beating until they all disperse.

c. Brush the glaze over the fruit and decorate if you wish with some greenery

d. We used mint and icing sugar

Ready to Serve Generously!

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