We have invested significantly in our storage and packing facilities over the years. Our Tofthill site is home to a number of unique high capacity compartmentalized cold stores. This has enabled us to continuously supply UK swede to our customers 52 weeks of the year without the need for importing.

Alongside our cold stores we have dedicated pack houses for our swede and fruit enterprises. Our swede packing facility is home to a washing and processing line where all of our swede is trimmed and graded. Our secondary pack house for swede is an overwrapping facility that makes use of multi-function printing technology and is capable of fixed or catch weight produce. Our facility ensures that we efficiently can cope with demand for process swede, wrapped wholes, portions, loose swede, stew packs, nets and we deliver both to the UK and mainland Europe.

Our fruit is packed in a 17,200 square foot processing facility. This incorporates a 7,500 sq foot intake chill and a 9,700 sq foot packing area. The rapid cooling chill that we use brings fruit to an ideal temperature within one hour of it being harvested. Our packing facility has state of the art weighting systems, twin lane heat sealers and pre-printed film wrapping machines.

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