2 x 150g Bars white chocolate

2 x 300g Tubs soft cheese (We used Philadelphia)

300ml Double cream

50g Castor sugar

400g summer fruit – raspberries, strawberries (cut into smaller pieces if strawberries are large) and blackberries. It can also be made with rasps or strawberries only but all 3 is a better combination.

3 Tablespoons Red currant jelly

85g Amaretti biscuits

You will need a 23cm round spring clip tin


1. Break the chocolate into a glass bowl

2. Place bowl over a pan of just simmering water to melt, making sure the bottom of the bowl

doesn’t touch the water.

3. Line a 23cm spring clip tin with cling film.

4. Whisk the soft cheese, sugar and double cream together

5. Stir the mixture into the almost-cool melted white chocolate and combine all together.

6. Melt the recurrent jelly in a small pan, let it cool a bit then stir in 200g of the fruit.

7. Spoon half the soft cheese mixture into the spring clip tin

8. Spoon the jelly coated fruit onto the top of the cream cheese mixture.

9. Top with the rest of the cheese mixture and level the top

10. Press the biscuits onto the mixture – these act as the base.

11. Cover and chill for 6 hrs.

To serve, carefully turn the tin onto a plate, lift it away and strip off the cling film. Arrange the remaining fruit coated in melted red currant jelly on top of the cheese cake.

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