Produce traceability is fundamental to our core principles as it provides an important link in protecting the health of our ultimate customer – the end consumer. Our soft fruit in particular is eaten raw and it is therefore crucial that the supply chain we are involved in works diligently to protect this produce from contamination. We dedicate a lot of time, resource and energy to minimise the risk of foreign matter contaminating our produce in either the field, our packhouses or in transit to our customers.

The current traceability systems in the UK provide information on source, location, movement and storage conditions of produce. This helps growers, packers, processors and distributors to identify factors affecting quality and delivery. At Stewarts of Tayside we have dedicated resource employed to focus on this area. Coupled with our ability to supply our customers from field to store entirely under our own control, we believe our produce to not only be of the highest quality but also for the risks of contamination to be at an absolute minimum.

From our excellent natural growing conditions, to our innovative growing techniques, dedicated resource and the calibre of our people we are confident that our end produce reaches the consumer in perfect condition on a consistently high basis. The quality of our soils, water, moderate year round temperatures and long summer daylight hours all combine to produce the perfect product, which can be easily traced back through our packhouses and to the field it was grown in, all under the control of Stewarts of Tayside.

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