Perthshire is a region with deep traditions of excellent food and drink. From the first whisky distilleries to ground breaking innovations in crop research, food and drink has a place in not only agriculture and business in Perthshire, but also its culture. The area has nurtured a number of Scotland’s top food and drink businesses and chefs and was at the heart of the rebirth of the country’s farmers’ markets at the turn of the millennium.

Stewarts of Tayside, being based just outside Perth, has long made a significant contribution to the region’s strengths in the sector. We are blessed with natural surroundings that we can work in harmony with to grow premium quality produce for our customers to enjoy.

Perfectly located on the banks of the river Tay we have year round access to some of the freshest water in Scotland, which we make full use of. Alongside this we have rich loamy free draining soils at Tofthill, which warm up quickly, enjoy moderate year round temperatures and long summer daylight hours in a climate that is perfect for growing soft fruit in particular.

Using ground breaking innovative techniques we grow our berries on South facing slopes which enable us to absorb some of the longest daylight hours (17.5 at its summer peak) in the UK such that our season runs from May to October.

Our maritime climate enables an extended and lengthy growing season during which all of our fruit is preciously hand-picked directly into retail punnets in the field. It is then transported back to our pack house within 20 minutes of being picked where it is then rapidly cooled to the perfect temperature. All of our fruit is then passed through our stringent quality control procedures ensuring that only the finest berries reach our customers. The final stage is to deliver our fruit using our own specialist refrigerated haulage fleet such that the vast bulk of our fruit is delivered the same day that it is freshly hand-picked, all season long.


Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team carefully inspect and monitor all our produce from sowing to harvest, and packing to distribution.

We offer complete traceability on all crops.

We routinely test all our produce to ensure that it is free from any residues or contaminants and the results are available to all customers.

We are increasingly committed to caring for our local environment. We operate strict policies on water management, recycling, waste minimisation and we adhere to the Green Code of Practice.

Throughout all of our production procedures we operate strict HACCP principles, extensive risk assessments and have a clearly defined COSHH system.

We are accredited to:

BRC – Grade A

SQFC Assured Produce


British Farm Standard (Red Tractor)

For further information please contact qa@stewartsoftayside.co.uk

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