“Dear Stewarts,

We live in Herefordshire and bought a punnet of your strawberries today. They were the most amazing tasting strawberries we have had for years. They actually taste like strawberries not water! The fact that they have travelled the distance they have , and are not all bruised and battered is amazing!

Congratulations to the growers, the pickers and the packers for a job well done! I hope to find your strawberries again and will look out for the raspberries.

You have restored my faith in the trusty British strawberry!

All the best

Damian Freedland”

“Hi, I just bought some strawberries from my market trader in Stamford Lincs. I had to get in touch with you as your name was on the packaging as they were the best strawberries I have ever had in my 59 years. Well done and thank you.”

“Your strawberries are the most flavoursome I’ve eaten this year. Thank you so much as I’m so fed up of the general hydroponic watery excuses for a strawberry!”


Just had some of your strawberries which I got in Morrisons, Eccles,Manchester, and I was amazed at just how juicy and sweet they were! They are honestly some of the best strawberries I have ever eaten!

Thank you for making a horrible rainy Friday a little bit better

Kind Regards Sam Mason