Stewarts of Tayside today

We farm over 3,500 acres of land and have generations of experience of growing swede, soft fruit and arable crops. We constantly strive to engage in the latest innovative and environmentally friendly growing, harvesting and packing techniques and are entirely self-sufficient. We are one company with three functional areas – Growing; Packing; Delivery.

As produce becomes more expensive to grow, our industries have become increasingly dedicated with fewer and fewer growers. We operate in niche, but balanced markets where our simple goal is to be recognised as being the best at we do and for going that extra mile for our customers. We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality in everything that we do and we believe continuous improvement is what we must strive for.

Over the years we have made significant changes to the business in order to improve, be it specialising in our current product lines, investing significantly in cold storage facilities to enable 52 week UK supply of swede, investment in our plant and machinery and most importantly of all, recruiting and retaining the highest calibre of individuals. We believe our team of people to be second to none in our industries and crucial to achieving our goals.