2 Regular size readymade Swiss rolls or one large one (We have used strawberry, apricot and raspberry and all worked very well in the trifle)

1,100g Mixed summer fruit (strawberry, raspberry and blackberry) – 1,000g to layer in the trifle plus 100g for decoration

750g Fresh vanilla custard

300ml Double cream

60ml Sherry

You will need a large trifle bowl, preferably glass so you can see the delicious layers.


1. Slice the Swiss roll thinly (1cm)

2. Layer the base and half way up the sides of a glass bowl

3. Drizzle the sherry all over the Swiss roll, you can add a bit more if you so wish.

4. Top this with a layer of almost half the fruit, followed by half the custard, repeat the fruit and custard layer one more time

5. Top the trifle off with lightly whipped Double cream.

6. Decorate with 100g of summer fruit.

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